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Company Name ReaMetrix India Private Limited
Description ReaMetrix is an entrepreneurial company which firmly believes the Process is our Product. Our focus is on developing innovative diagnostic solutions that solve global problems by addressing local needs. An example of this innovative approach is the first dried reagent for flow cytometry that is US FDA Cleared.
Website http://www.reametrix.com
Location Bengaluru/Bangalore
Designation Min-Max Salary Min-Max Exp.
Scientists 2,00,000 - 6,00,000 2 - 6
Company Name LabIndia Instruments Private limited
Description Labindia company is a renowned name in Analytical Instruments, Microscopes, Life Science & Bio-tech instruments. it%27s a27year old company with a turnover approx 300crore as well as having 500+employees accross India.
Website http://www.labindia.com
Location Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs
Designation Min-Max Salary Min-Max Exp.
Sales Executive (bioTech Instruments) 3 - 5
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